Astros red-hot start continues

HOUSTON – It's being dubbed the Miracle in Minnesota on Memorial Day -- a comeback rarely seen in baseball.

Down 8-2 in the 8th the Astros responded with an 11-run bombshell on the Twins en route to a 16-8 win. These Astros, now 36-16, have proved to any doubters still remaining that they are for real.

Astros president Reid Ryan believes the Astros' success is resonating with fans. He thinks the buzz will only grow in the months ahead.

“We are about a third of the way through the season and school is about to be let out, “said Ryan. “We need everyone’s support and we want to see this excitement in the community manifest itself inside the ballpark.”

Ryan said with the Astros 20 games over 500 and leading the American League West by 11 games, it's easy to see why numbers for attendance and merchandise sales are up across the board.

“People are connecting with this team and it’s really showing," Ryan said. “From everything from fans coming to the games to all of the fans wearing the merchandise.”

With 110 games still to play, there won't be any premature celebration. There's work still to do and a magic number to deal with. As the Astros entered Tuesday night’s game in Minneapolis that number stood at 100 with a long season still to be played.

“I’m telling everyone we are baking a cake and we need to let this thing continue to bake, and it starts with this team playing well,” Ryan said.

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