Sisters ask for public's help after thieves steal equipment for mission trip

HOUSTON – It was a shopping spree with a purpose because two Galveston sisters were on a mission.

"We both felt like God was calling us to do something big and we felt like it was more than just a two-week trip," Miranda Landsman said.

Miranda and her younger sister Sarah essentially put their lives on hold to plan for an 11-month trip called the World Race. It's a mission trip in which the pair will travel to 11 different countries.

"We're basically coming in as reinforcement to these already established nonprofits to say, we're here to be hands and feet. What do you need?'" Miranda Landsman said.

The sisters waited until Tuesday afternoon, when the REI in Friendswood was having a large sale to buy all their gear at once.

They bought sleeping bags, tents, backpacks and everything they would need for their mission trip.

"We saved up our money. We both are working five jobs between the two of us, and one of those jobs is waiting tables," Miranda Landsman said.

She said they spent about $3,000 on equipment.

After shopping for five hours, she said, they loaded their belongings in their mother’s car and drove to a nearby restaurant.

When they were finished eating, they came out to discover the car's windows had been smashed in and half their gear had been stolen.

"So you're angry because you feel like it's not just an attack on you, it's an attack on your mission, on your purpose," Sarah Landsman said.

They both called police, and the officers told them the thieves most likely followed them when they left the store and went to the restaurant. Police believe the thieves were able to steal the gear in a matter of seconds.

"We're not going to let it keep us from going. We're still going to go. We're just even more determined now," Miranda Landsman said.

The sisters have until October to raise about $1,800 to buy more gear.

If you would like to help them complete their mission, clink the link here.

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