Honoring fallen heroes on Memorial Day in Houston

HOUSTON – Houstonians know what it means to honor those who fought for this country, whether it’s publicly or privately at a gravesite

Memorial Day 2017 is loud and proud at the Houston National Cemetery.

"For families who have lost loved ones. As one speaker said, ‘Every day is Memorial Day,’” Mayor Sylvester Turner said.

For many like Miguel Rojo whose son, Enrico, is a fallen Marine, this day can also be quiet and somber.

"He knows that I was very proud of him," Miguel Rojo said.

Miguel and Martha Rojo huddled closely at their son’s gravesite

Last year, six days before Christmas, the former Marine was set to fly home. He was on his way to the airport in Southern California when he noticed a suspected drunken driver had crashed.

"He died committing a heroic act," Miguel Rojo said.

Enrico got out of the car to try to help a woman and another driver sped by -- hitting and killing him.

"We have the hope that one day we would be reunited and that everything will work out," Miguel Rojo said.

Korean War veteran Nolan Thorn lost his wife of 60 years recently. He said she was his best friend.

"We lived a long happy life together," Thorn said.

She's buried 7 feet under, he said will be buried 2 feet above her.

"I was thinking a lot about my wife just to be truthful -- a whole lot about our life together," Thorn said.

Turner said there are more than 80,000 people buried at the cemetery.

If both spouses are veterans, they can be buried beside each other but for Nolen -- his wife did not serve in the Military so they will be buried on top of one another.