Community remembers deadly Memorial Drive shooting rampage

HOUSTON – It was one year ago on Memorial Day when a man went on a shooting rampage that killed two and injured five on Memorial Drive.

Investigators said Dionisio Garza, 25, an Army veteran, opened fire along Memorial Drive and Wilcrest Drive.

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Authorities said Garza shot several people, including Eugene Linscomb, 59, who later died.

 Garza was shot and killed by police.

"When this was happening, it was really just unbelievable,” said Shaheen Sadrialaei, who lives nearby.

Sadrialaei said he remembers that day vividly as it happened just one day after his high school graduation.

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"We still didn't know what exactly was going on. My mom, for example, she was taking a walk while it was happening so we were, like, worried to death," Sadrialaei said.

Sadrialaei's next door neighbor was wounded by gunfire.

"He was actually shot. And that's when it became really surreal that we were in actual danger, because up until then nothing dangerous ever happened in this neighborhood," Sadrialaei said.

"It's really shocking and you see something like that and you don't understand the seriousness of it right away until it sinks in,"  said Brady Burgett, another neighbor.

In the year that has passed since the wild shootout, the community has come together to help move forward.

But forgetting is likely something that will never happen.

"It's strange. You never imagine something like that will ever happen this close to home," Burgett said.

"There's no way that we could ever forget because stuff like this is not OK. I don't think it's something that should ever be forgotten," Sadrialaei said.

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