WATCH: Adorable Texas girl wants to know 'Where did Obama go?' in set of viral videos

A 5-year-old demands to know where the former POTUS is


HOUSTON – A frustrated Texas tot has some questions about the election process - namely, where did former President Barack Obama go?

The 5-year-old, named Taylor, is seen in a three-part series of viral videos chatting with her mom about the election process, Obama's whereabouts and why Hillary Clinton did not win the presidential election.

The girl's rapid-fire questioning came after she asked her mother where the president lived. Taylor, dressed in purple tiger pajamas, goes on to ask why the U.S. needed a new president, how a president is elected and why Clinton lost.

In the videos, Taylor's mother attempts to liken the election to the time Taylor voted for pizza toppings, but the answer doesn't suffice for the confused child.

"(Donald Trump) won because a lot of people wanted him to be the president," Taylor concludes.

In the final video, Taylor expresses her disappointment with the outcome of the election, stating she would prefer if Clinton and Obama were both in office.

The videos have been watched thousands of times since they were first posted Thursday.

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Part 2 😂

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