Potential front-runner for FBI director, Joe Lieberman, speaks to KPRC2

HOUSTON – With president Donald Trump said to be close to picking a new FBI director, potential front-runner Sen. Joe Lieberman was in Houston Tuesday night when we caught up with him to talk about the possibility of landing the job.

Lieberman, a former U.S. Senator said, "Frankly it's an honor just to be considered or mentioned to be director because the men and women of the FBI are better than anybody else in the world at what they do. And what they do is protect the American people."

Lieberman recently met with the president about the FBI's top spot, but isn't the only candidate being considered.

Others include the current acting FBI director, a former Oklahoma governor and former top FBI official, to name a few.

Still, it was only days ago the president is said to have told reporters Lieberman was his 'top pick.'

Lieberman said, "I don't know that he'll ask me to do it, if he does it's not an easy decision for me or my family. We've enjoyed the private life the last four years."

When asked if he'd accept the job if it were to be offered, Lieberman only had this to say.

"Well, fortunately I don't have to answer that tonight. I've got a couple of days before the president comes back," said Lieberman.

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