Young dolphin found stranded in shallow water rescued, released

Officials believe dolphin became stranded during recent extreme high tide

PORT ARANSAS, Texas – A young dolphin found stranded in shallow water in Lighthouse Lakes near Port Aransas was rescued and released.

The Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network was assisted by SeaWorld San Antonio's Rescue Team.

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"With the help of SeaWorld’s rescue team, we were successfully able to reach the dolphin and bring it on board the rescue boat for a medical assessment," said Heidi Whitehead, TMMSN executive director. "Working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, it was determined the dolphin was in good body condition to be released. We then tagged the animal so we can continue to track its well-being. The dolphin was then relocated to deeper water near the Aransas Channel."

SeaWorld officials said it is believed the dolphin became stranded during a recent extreme high tide.

After being spotted by a local fisherman in the same place for several days, the TMMSN was called in to help the animal, officials said.

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"This is a true success story," Whitehead said. "Thanks to the combined efforts of our alert citizenry coupled with the expertise of SeaWorld's Rescue Team and our tireless TMMSN Critical Care Team, we were able to help this dolphin. The green tag we placed on the dolphin's dorsal fin will enable the public to report sightings of the marine mammal so we can track its progress and ensure its well-being."

Officials said up to 150 marine mammals can be found stranded or injured along the Texas coast each year.

Anyone who sees a marine animal in need is asked to call 800-9-MAMMAL.

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