Man charged after selling drug-laced Sweet Tarts to children, officials say

GREENFIELD, Indiana – A man has been arrested in Greenfield, Indiana, after police said he was giving drug-laced Sweet Tarts to kids.

Jeramie Smith, 30, is being held in the Hancock County Jail and faces a variety of drug-possession charges.

Investigators said they were tipped off about Smith months ago.

According to court documents, investigators said they made three buys while working with a confidential informant.

In one incident, they bought meth, and in another they purchased Sweet Tarts, which some believed to be laced with meth, Xanax or heroin, officials said.

Police said this seems to be a trend.

Police said drug makers use the candy to disguise the illegal drugs -- making them easier to transport and harder for cops to spot.

When they raided Smith's home Friday, investigators said he was using a syringe to lace the candy with drugs.

“The biggest concern is that a kid would actually pick one up, they find it laying somewhere, pop it in their mouth and have a very bad reaction to it,” said Lt. Randy Ratliff, of Greenfield Police Department. “If it is heroin it could be an extreme fatal reaction.”

In court documents, Smith told police he was selling the drug-laced candy from $4 to $10 apiece.

Investigators believe he was selling them locally and possibly in Shelbyville, Columbus and Indianapolis.