Hearing rescheduled for pilot accused in prostitution case


HOUSTON – A United Airlines Pilot accused of promoting a prostitution ring appeared in court Monday.

Bruce Wayne Wallis, 51, was set to appear before a judge, but his lawyer rescheduled the hearing before the judge arrived. 

Wallis was one of 12 people arrested in March 2016 during 17 raids across the Houston area in connection with an alleged prostitution enterprise.

Authorities said Wallis managed, controlled and supervised more than 20 female prostitutes at more than six local brothels.

Investigators said he received $400 a week from each woman.

Wallis' attorney, Dan Cogdell, spoke exclusively to Channel 2.

"This case has always been way overhyped. Suggestions that there were millions of dollars involved in this is just absolutely wrong. We're working with a forensic account to show the reality of the scope of this thing, but it's been way over hyped since day 1," Cogdell said.

The hearing was rescheduled for 9 a.m. May 22.