Real-life 'Forrest Gump' runs coast to coast

WSTM – Whether he's running in the city, or in the country, Rob Pope loves the view along the way. Running with nothing more then his tent and sleeping bag, Rob is going coast to coast for the third time in less than a year.

"It's just sort of fantastic to all the different types of environment form the desert, to the mountains, to the lovely green hills of New York," says Pope.

He's combining his love of running with his fandom of the film and book, Forrest Gump. He hasn't shaved since he started out last September and looks like Tom Hanks' character in the film who runs across the nation. He started in the same place as Forrest did, in Alabama. From there he went to Los Angeles, California. He then ran back to the east coast to Northern Maine.

Now, he's running through Syracuse and working his way to Portland, Oregon.

Rob says fewer people have run across America than have climbed Everest. He's largely running to raise awareness of two charities. World Wildlife Fund is a conservation charity. Peace Direct aims to resolve conflicts in Africa and Asia.

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