Texas couple's pregnancy announcement goes viral

Hurst police officer helps wife surprise husband with baby news


HURST, Texas – A Texas man will never forget how he learned about his future child. His wife enlisted the help of the local police department to surprise him with the news.

The wife recorded the entire exchange on video and posted it to YouTube.

It starts with the couple being pulled over by a Hurst police officer. The officer tells the husband that he pulled him over for driving with a child in the car without a child seat.

The man tells the officer he does not have a child, and when the officer asks, "Are you sure?" the wife holds up a positive pregnancy test. "We do have a child in the car with no car seat!" she said.

The wife told her husband the baby is due on his birthday.

As the father-to-be sat shocked and elated, the mother-to-be proceeded to give him gifts.

The video has gone viral since it was first posted in April. It has now been viewed more than 235,000 times.