James Harden parties in Houston clubs after hard defeat by Spurs

HOUSTON – Many Houstonians are giving James Harden the side-eye after he was spotted partying in a Houston club hours after losing to the Spurs 114-75 and only scoring 10 points throughout the game.

A video recording posted by TMZ’s Sports website appears to show Harden partying with a few Texans players in a VIP section as Travis Scott performs on stage.

According to TMZ’s video, fans chanted “MVP,” at Harden inside the club.

And other witnesses said he went Dreams, a gentlemen's club, later in the night.

Fans on Twitter didn’t take kindly to his actions after the Rockets were defeated. 



Other fans were supportive of Harden's decision to go out and blow off some steam.

"He had a bad game. I mean that was the game they needed to win. If he needed to blow off some steam, I don't think you can fault somebody for reacting one way or the other," one fan said.

"If that's how he chose to let his frustration out, that's what he did," another fan said.

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