Volunteers helping veteran have his first shower in years


COLOMBUS, Ohio –  Volunteers are helping a veteran get a well-deserved shower after four years of waiting.

Tracy and Sam Hart recently celebrated their 35th Wedding Anniversary.

Sam turned 60 in January. Five years ago on January 22, he suffered a stroke and has been in recovery ever since. Tracy says it began at a breakfast table. She and Sam were sitting there when Sam grabbed the back of his head and turned ghostly white. Tracy told WCMH he was rushed to the hospital where they learned he suffered a stroke.

Tracy recalled that one too many times she was told to “pull the plug,” but she knew in her heart Sam would recover. Eventually, Sam was able to go home, and she began to help him get better. She quit her job she had for more than 20 years at OSU to be with him every step of the way.

A family friend also offered to help, and began to remodel their downstairs bathroom to install a shower for Sam that would be wheelchair accessible. But then that friend had a heart attack and was never able to finish the remodel.

Tracy and Sam have now been living in what’s essentially a construction zone. Without a bathroom or shower on the first level of the home, Sam has been unable to take a shower for years, relying only on sponge baths to stay clean.

Word got out around through veterans at the local American Legion and eventually to a group called Team Red, White & Blue, a group dedicated to helping the lives of America’s Veterans. Thanks to them, Sam is about to get the shower he deserves.

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