Local company creates new gaming device

HOUSTON – For about a thousand years dominoes have been used to create games. It's known as a generic gaming device, just like dice or cards. Well, now the newest member of that family has been created right here in Houston.

"Every Sedis tile consists of six sides and each side has five spaces and of the spaces between one and three of them are darkened.  Those are called pips,” described Neal Murthy, the man behind Sedis.

Sixty tiles come in a set, each of which has a unique pattern of pips.  Though similar to its generic gaming brothers, Neal believes far more games can be created using Sedis.

“This is a more versatile gaming device or system than has been done previously," said Neal.

It's one thing to play with its creator but how would this game device do out in the world? To answer that question we hit up a local lunch spot where we found Melissa and Angie, and Patricia and Jerimae. We handed them the bag without any explanation and watch them go to work. First thing we found, there's a bit of a learning curve.

“(How's it going so far?) Rough. This is a horrible game,” said Melissa and Angie.

“(How's it going so far?) Uh, confusing, but it's interesting. It's like we don't know what to expect. (Because you've never seen anything like this before right?) Yeah,” said Jerimae and Patricia.

But after just a few minutes both groups had it figured out and we're actually having fun.

“It's going great. We've cracked the code and now we're on a good streak here. We know how to play the game," said Melissa.

“It's like playing checkers in a way or playing chess. It's very, (It's simple game play but you have to think a lot) yeah you do have to think a lot,” said Patricia.

“(You having fun now?) I'm OK now. Haha,” said Angie.

“We want to get as many people together as possible, get them Sedis sets, and then have them share with us not only new game rules but also game mechanics that they discover,” said Neal.

If your curiosity is piqued and you want your own Sedis set, unfortunately they're not being sold anywhere. Instead you'll have to check out their Kickstarter campaign which is running through May 26 of this month.