Houston's various Heights areas continue to expand

HOUSTON – Owners, developers and future tenants broke ground Tuesday on a new project at the corner of Washington Street and South Heights Boulevard. 

It will include an HEB, apartments and office space.  And it will all happen at a new, yet existing address called “The Buffalo Heights.” 

It’s a new “Heights” to add to the existing, Houston Heights, Washington Heights and Sawyer Heights. 

"It was really the idea behind the area,” said Midway Companies CEO Jonathan Brinsden. “The real importance of being adjacent to Buffalo Bayou Park and Buffalo Bayou, but also the adjacency to these great emerging neighborhoods like the Heights.”

One long-time Heights resident said the true boundaries of the Heights are the lines established by the area that was once dry.  He said anything else was simply an addition. 

"I first came here in 1982,” said Nancy Toy, who works at AJ Antiques on 19th Street in the Heights.

She has owned property in the Heights for more than 30 years. She understands what draws people to the Heights and to its name.

"For a long, long time when I lived in the Heights, you had to go somewhere else to shop,” She said. “You had to go somewhere else to eat. There were no good restaurants. Now all of that has changed too."

Soon there will be another place just south of the Houston Heights called Buffalo Heights, hoping to take shopping, working and living to new heights.