Houston woman, 98, still working as real estate agent for more than 40 years

HOUSTON – Where will you be when you're 98 years old? Retired on a beach? Still alive? How about still working?

“Happy birthday dear Gertrude, happy birthday to you,” sings a group of office employees.

Ah your traditional office birthday party. All the employees gathered in a small break room, pizza, pie -- only this birthday is not one often celebrated at an office. You see, Gertrude Dacres has just turned 98 years old and she is still working.

“Who wants to lie in the bed or sit in the wheel chair and just wait for whatever happens,” Dacres said.

Her job is to help people find apartments. She started in the business in 1969. Forty-eight years later she's still at it and credits are strong memory for making it possible.

“We had to know everything. In fact the first property that I leased under construction was 6363 San Felipe it’s long gone,” Dacres said. “When they went up to $159 for a one bedroom I remember saying ‘who’s going to pay that much for a one bedroom?’”

Though she's only in three days a week she has an impressive work ethic. In fact, she's just recently back to work after recovering from breaking her leg three months ago.

“Went out of the grocery store, started out on a walker and it was downhill and the walker just ran out in front of me and the brakes wouldn’t work on it and it just threw me on the ground,” Dacres said. “I'm way behind. I have so much to catch up on. There’s so many new properties.”

Dacres credits her insatiable curiosity for her mental agility. She always wants to know what everyone is up to and stays up to date on current events.