Family paints Houston Texans logo on son's DOC band helmet

HOUSTON – At 8 months and 24 pounds, Beckham McNeal is already the size of a 15-month-old, so if the Texans decide to draft him in about 21 years, he wants to look the part

His parents designed him a new helmet, but this helmet is special.

"Right now his head's growing asymmetrical," his mother Kia said. "So this side of his head, it sticks out further than this side."

Beckham was born with plagiocephaly -- a common condition often referred to as flat head syndrome where a soft spot causes a baby's head to be misshapen.

When a doctor prescribed a special helmet called a DOC band to fix the problem -- Beckham's parents decided to jazz it up with a Texans design.

"Everyone we meet says he looks like he's going to be a future football player," Kia said. "So, his dad's a diehard Texans fan. His grandpa's a diehard Patriots fan so I just kind of took the two and made the helmet out of it."

Wait -- Patriots?

Yes -- they don the front of the helmet.

How'd dad let that happen?

"It is definitely a house divided. Patriots and Texans," admits Beckham's dad, Jed. "I don't like the Patriots.  But I love my son and I love my wife so I gotta deal with it right? Or I'm sleeping on the couch."

Oh! We get it now.

In any event, Beckham has four months of wearing the helmet to complete his therapy.

He and his helmet likely will draw plenty of attention -- something that's already happening as more people see it.

"They definitely stop and stare and look at it," Kia said.

The family is hoping to get Beckham's helmet signed by J.J. Watt, DeAndre Hopkins, and Brian Cushing -- the three Texans players whose numbers appear on the helmet.

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