3rd-grader brings marijuana to Cy-Fair elementary school

CYPRESS, Texas – Cy-Fair Independent School District officials said a third-grade student brought a small amount of marijuana to class at Woodie Coker Andre Elementary School at 8111 Fry Road in Cypress.

On Friday, Assistant Superintendent Nicole Ray said the case was referred to school district police.

The school sent out emails to inform parents of the incident, saying that a student brought a small amount of marijuana to school and showed it to another student, who then notified a teacher.

“My question is: How did he get his hands on it?” asked Frank Sanabria, whose daughter attends the school. “Because, a little kid, you talking about pre-K all the way through fifth grade. How did he get his hands on it?”

Neither the student nor the child’s parents were named.

Child welfare investigators would routinely be called in to investigate in cases such as this, but school district officials aren’t confirming that Children Protective Services is involved.

Ray said the district can’t provide any details of the investigation due to confidentiality restrictions. She also said it’s not clear if this is a criminal case.

The school's code of conduct proscribes suspension or assignment to an alternative school for students caught with illegal drugs on campus, but school officials aren’t saying what, if any, action has been taken.

Ray sent out a statement Monday afternoon, saying:

“CFPD conducted a thorough investigation. No charges were filed, administrators used this as a teachable moment to those involved and the case is now closed.”

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