Search for killer continues as family mourns grandmother killed in a drive-by

HOUSTON – There was a steady stream of family and friends Monday afternoon in front of a home now riddled with bullets as several people showed up to pay their respects to 63-year-old Brenda Reyna.

Brenda Reyna, 62, was shot while laying in her bed asleep at 3:30 a.m. at a home in the 700 block of East Sunnyside.

[Details: Grandmother killed in drive-by shooting as she slept, police say]

Sally Ramirez-Doyle, the victim's sister said, "There were several casing on the street. She slept right in this front window here and that's where all the shots went."

She was taken to Lydon B. Johnson Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Her family said Reyna was a kind person with a good heart, a mother and grandmother to several children.

Reyna’s sister, Ramirez-Doyle said she was someone who was always looking out for others.

"When my father and mother had to work, she was the one to take care of all of us so they could makes ends me," Ramirez-Doyle said.

Reyna was also a teacher's aide not too far away at Jefferson Elementary School, where she's worked for several years, specifically with special needs students.

"The parents loved her because she taught them so well. Stuff they didn't know, they thought they wouldn't be able to do, she taught to do that," Ramirez-Doyle said.

Police believe the shooting that ultimately took Reyna's life, was gang-related.

They also said while she wasn't the intended target, they do believe one of her sons who is said to be a known gang member and may have been.

Police are still searching for the shooters responsible as a family is left grieving.

"If they ever reach heaven, he might not let them in the gate. But I guarantee that she's already in the gate and asking for their forgiveness," Ramirez-Doyle said.

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