Couple accused of fracturing baby's skull during argument charged

KATY, Texas – A Houston-area mother and father have each been charged with felony injury to a child, after their 10-week-old son was diagnosed with a fractured skull, according to court records.

Richard Myles, 33, and Jessica Murillo, 25, have been charged, but not yet arrested, as of Monday afternoon.

Investigators within the Child Abuse Unit of the Harris County Sheriff's Office said the incident happened in September at a home on 3300 block of Coldwater Canyon in Katy, but shifting stories made the investigation more difficult.

"The mother had told him (the doctor) the baby had suffered an injury while bathing him the sink," Deputy Tom Gilliland said.

The true story, according to investigators is that Murillo, while holding the infant, attacked Myles with a knife, after alleging he had been unfaithful.

Myles was not seriously injured and immediately responded by punching Murillo and the baby, according to the probable cause court document.

"Trying to defend himself he struck her in the face and then trying to strike her back again, struck the baby in the head," an investigator said.

A few days later, Murillo took the infant to the hospital when it was clear something was wrong.

A doctor determined the baby's skull was fractured, but according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, Murillo did not originally tell the truth about how the injury occurred.

Initial bail was set at $20,000 for Murillo and $30,000 for Myles.

Child Protective Services said Monday they did not take custody of the child and would not comment further about the agency's interaction with the family.

Recent social media photos show the child, now several months older, playing with Myles.

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