Plumber's business takes hit after burglars break into van

BAYTOWN, Texas – For Lawrence Maynard, it takes lots of equipment to get a job done.

He's a plumber and owns his own company.

His job is harder now after two men stole just about everything from one of his vans.

"They took something and jimmied this lock," he said. "They took about $6,000 worth of our equipment."

The burglars did it in broad daylight Tuesday.

There's video of the theft in progress.

Maynard had been on a job at an apartment complex in the 3500 block of Decker Road in Baytown.

In the surveillance video, one man can be seen next to a Chevy Avalanche that is parked next to Maynard's work van.

After breaking open a door, he helps himself.

A little later, the thief gets in the back door.

Maynard wants them caught.

"I would like to get the thieves off the street, is what I'd like to do," he said.

Hopefully, he says, surveillance video will help Baytown police do that.

"Just about a truckload. So, I have to completely re-buy it all and re-stock my truck," he said.