Oklahoma fire crews remove riders on stuck roller coaster

OKLAHOMA CITY – Firefighters were called Thursday to help remove riders from roller coaster cars that got stuck on the tracks at an Oklahoma City amusement park.

There have been no reports of injuries.

The Oklahoma City Fire Department tweeted about its emergency response shortly before noon.

The cars are stuck atop a peak on the roller coaster track. It isn't clear how many passengers are stuck and how high off the ground.

Crews with expertise in knot-tying and working at heights and tough angles are helping to remove the riders, said Oklahoma City fire Lt. Ray Lujan. Riders are slowly being helped to a catwalk to get down from a peak on the thrill ride.

"When you're dealing with unusual circumstances like this, safety is always paramount — our safety and the other people's safety," Lujan said.

[WATCH: Roller coaster rescue in Oklahoma City]

Winds were blowing about 15 mph during the rescue. Live TV coverage showed flags attached to the coaster tracks whipping in the wind and some riders waving at TV cameras.

Frontier City amusement park said in a statement to TV station KFOR that park personnel helped to remove some riders from the Silver Bullet coaster. Firefighters are assisting others.