Click2Daily: '9 Round' offers 30-minute all-inclusive training program

HOUSTON – When Frankie Cox sees a punching bag, she names it. She leaves her stress at 9 Round on the North Loop in the Heights.

“Instead of counting, sometimes I'll see somebody's face or I'll spell somebody's name,” said Cox. She told KPRC 2, “That way I get it out here and once I'm done it stays here and I can go be kind and nice and be nice to everybody out there.”

She hits the gym after she drops her son off at school. Here she said she learns form is more important than speed. She added, “It really saves family and friends from my anger!”

Myla Ekstrom and her husband, Pete, opened the gym more than a year ago. It is a 30-minute workout with full body kickboxing. There is no set class time. Customers come in, as many as six days a week, when they choose.

“We all know each other. So I think they walk out of here feeling positive,” said Owner Pete Ekstrom.

He said, “There's no down time whatsoever. In here you don't have time to sit around. One of the things I love about 9 Round, there's no cellphones. Not with workout gloves on. How are you going to peck on your phone with boxing gloves?”

Ekstrom said they change the workouts daily and the trainer is included in the approximately $100 a month fee. It is functional training combined with boxing and kickboxing. And the stress stays at the door. Cox said, “Once you're out of here, you're done. So you want to leave everything at the door.”

Ekstrom said most clients complete the 30-minute routine three times a week. He said he plans to open another gym in EaDo soon.

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