New Texans QB Deshaun Watson buys mother 2017 Jaguar for birthday


HOUSTON – The Houston Texans introduced quarterback Deshaun Watson as their first-round draft pick Friday during a press conference.

In the midst of celebration, Watson was able to give his mother the sleekest birthday gift, a 2017 Jaguar fresh off the dealership lot. He announced the gift on Twitter Saturday as he posted pictures of his mother and him in front of the luxury vehicle.

“Happy birthday mama! Love you (and) you deserve your first official car! Enjoy it ‘Had to cop her the ’17 Jag,’” Watson said on Twitter.

During the press conference, Watson expressed how much his mother means to him, and how hard she worked while raising him as a single mother. He said his mother was his source of strength and the first thing he wanted to do was spoil her with her first car because she deserved it.

"My mom -- she's my rock. She's the one that raised me. Single parent mom with four kids and the struggles that we went through, it was tough," Watson said.

There were mixed responses from people on Twitter, with some people questioning whether he was already getting paid that fast or where the money came from to purchase the vehicle.


Regardless of how it was bought, Watson’s mother seemed excited about her new vehicle and riding in style this year as her son is expected to start in the Texans' upcoming season.

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