Woman caught on camera using stolen credit card to buy more than $7,000 worth of jewelry

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Harris County Sheriff’s investigators need your help identifying a woman accused of going on a giant spending spree with stolen credit cards that belong to the general manager of a luxury car dealership in West Harris County.

Investigators say she went into the car dealership just before noon April 14.

“A female was seen entering the dealership, going into the general manager's office, going into her actual purse, stealing her wallet, closing the purse back up and then leaving the dealership,” Sgt. J. Nowitz said.

Investigators say she went into the dealership acting like she was supposed to be there but never inquired about buying a car.

The unidentified woman was caught on surveillance cameras inside a high-end department store at Katy Mills Mall.

Investigators say at one store alone, she dropped more than $6,000 on jewelry.

The car dealership’s general manager had no idea her wallet had been stolen until she received an alert from her credit card company about the large purchase at Katy Mills Mall.

In all, she ended up spending more than $7,000.

“We believe somebody who is taking such a brazen act is probably involved in more thefts, potentially at other dealerships. For somebody to walk in like this, it doesn't appear to be her first time type of crime,” Nowitz said.

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