Residents protest new coffee shop in neighborhood that serves wine, beer

HOUSTON – Residents who live along Larkin Street in Cottage Grove West neighborhood near Washington Street are in fear that a TABC wine and beer permit for the proposed "Hidden Goods" restaurant would bring more unwanted traffic and trouble to their quiet area.

"We are fearful of the escalation and disruption and the impact that may arise from the addition of another drinking establishment."

Neighbor Linda Casey, who lives down the street, said the existing "down the street bar" has brought unwanted traffic. She said it has also brought vandalism, trash and crime to the once appealing street.

Casey and her neighbors came to the county to protest Cheryl Crider's application for a state permit to sell alcohol at the proposed new business.

"The persistent and inordinately loud noise generated by bar patrons (has) annoyed, disturbed, injured, and endangered the comfort, health, peace and safety of the residents of Cottage Grove West," Casey said.

Repairs are underway now on the 1904 home that Crider wants to turn into what she described as a coffee shop operating from 6 a.m. until midnight. It would also serve beer and wine.

"(It) brings something to the neighborhood that doesn't exist -- which is a coffee shop with fresh baked goods. Also a small bistro type menu to offer lunch and dinner," Crider said.

The chair of the hearing said he would make a recommendation on the protest at a later time. He said that recommendation will go to County Judge Ed Emmett, who he said would make a recommendation to the TABC.