Goth-inspired ice cream is LA shop’s answer to Unicorn Frappuccino

Little Damage Instagram
Little Damage Instagram

Los Angeles, Calif. – An ice cream shop is getting worldwide attention for its challenge to the Unicorn Frappuccino. They are taking soft serve to the dark side.

It's goth-inspired ice cream from the "Little Damage" shop in Los Angeles.

The "Almond Charcoal" flavor comes with a black waffle cone and silver ice cream.

The store said the color comes from naturally activated charcoal.

They also have a colorful option called "Unicorn Tears."

The shop sold out of the flavor Wednesday after the overwhelming attention it received.

A photo posted to the shop's Facebook page let fans know the flavor was gone.

“WE SOLD OUT OF ICE CREAM! 📷⚫️ holy moly you guys!! Thanks for all the love & support! We were so overwhelmed by all you amazing people today that we ran out of ice cream! 📷🙀 come back tomorrow for more!!,”