Woman gives birth outside bear exhibit at Omaha zoo

OMAHAAn Omaha, Nebraska couple got the surprise of their lives this weekend when their baby was born during a trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo. 

On Sunday afternoon Kymica Hubbard and her husband Justin brought their children to the zoo. Kymica was pregnant, with a due date next month, so she was surprised when she suddenly started going into labor. 

"When I started feeling her head, I was like, 'Oh my god, my daughter is here. It's coming! So I got more excited than scared," she says.

Baby Drea was in such a hurry, she arrived before the ambulance. 

Justin Hubbard, a nursing assistant by trade, helped bring his new daughter into the world. 

"She was crying, cooing, it was just the most beautiful thing that a man could ever see, it was truly a blessed experience," he says.

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