Unborn child unharmed after pregnant woman robbed, run over by vehicle

HOUSTON – A 25-year-old woman who was almost four-months pregnant didn't know what was about to happen when she went to the bank to make a withdrawal in February.

She left with a bag full of cash, but someone was waiting for her in the parking lot.

Two men in a white, four-door Buick apparently had followed her to the bank and parked about 10 feet from her car.

As she walked by them, the passenger opened the door and grabbed the money out of her hand.

“As she’s walking back to her car he opens the door and grabs the money out of her hand,” Jeff Brieden, HPD Robbery Division, said. “He gets back in the car, and just about as fast as he’s closing that door, that car is backing up. That’s when she grabs that handle trying to get that money back.”

The video then shows the woman fall to the ground.

The thieves backed the car over her body as she was lying on the asphalt.

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Then, the thieves pull into a parking space and back out again to change direction.

“Not worrying at all as to whether she was dead or not. All he cared about was the money,” Brieden said. "And she clearly gets run over. They know that they ran over her. You can clearly tell in the video."

The woman survived, but she was badly injured. She suffering a compound fracture of her ankle, multiple broken bones in her face, and a deep gash to her head.

Incredibly, her unborn child was not hurt, according to police.