Man shares look inside his dream DIY man cave

(John Altic)

KINGWOOD, Texas – A man from Kingwood shared a look inside his Pinterest-inspired garage man cave with KPRC2.

PHOTOS: Man showcases his dream DIY man cave

John Altic, a real estate company owner, said he worked on the project on weekends for about a year.

He explained he built the floors and bead board ceilings first, and then filling the space with a bar and seating area.

Altic said he managed to install the electrical wiring and plumbing lines on his own with the help of do-it-yourself books.

The 360-square-foot space -- complete with most major appliances, as well as insulation, heating and air-conditioning -- cost $15,000 to $20,000 to complete.

“My wife was ready for that project to be done,” Altic said. “It’s been a fun project -- no doubt. I’m known for projects. It’s like therapy for me.”

Altic said the most difficult part of the project was constructing an arch over the wine storage area.

“It was a process,” he said.

Some of the quirkier man cave elements are a freezer made specifically for chilling booze and a built-in dehydrator for making jerky.

Altic said he got many of the ideas for the space from Pinterest. "I’ve turned more of my buddies onto Pinterest," he said. "Pinterest is bad news for everyone.” 

The man cave is a compilation of things Altic likes. "Just man things," he said. "I’m always making jerky. (Out there) the wife doesn’t care how smelly it is.”

Another perk is that Altic isn’t likely to be without friends in his man cave.

“Friends say, ‘Dude this is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,’” Altic said. “Guys ask if they can stay over if they get sent to the couch.”

Best of all, perhaps? The garage door still works -- Altic can open the door on his luxury space and catch the breeze.

But wait -- where do Altic’s vehicles go if the man cave is in the garage? No worries -- in Altic’s 5,000-square-foot home, there is another, two-car garage on the other side of the house.

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