Facebook post won't determine casino boat captain's employment, company says


GALVESTON, Texas – A casino cruise company is backtracking after implying in a Facebook post that fans of the page would determine whether a captain should keep his job after a crash.

Jacks or Better Casino said Capt. David Kendrick damaged the company's boat on April 15 by scraping against a jetty marker in Galveston Bay. There were no injuries, but the crash left a 100-foot gash down the port side of the vessel.

The company created a post on Facebook after the crash, asking users if Kendrick should be reinstated.

Users did not respond well to the post. The company said in a second post that it received “hundreds of comments in less than 30 minutes, many of them denigrating the writer and management.” Users also threatened employees, and there were suggestions of a boycott against the company when it reopened, according to the company.

In a second post, the company said it deleted the first post to protect its employees and said: “The poll was never intended to sway management’s decision on (the) captain’s pending hire.” Instead, the company said, it was used to see how much support Kendrick would receive.

The company also said it made the original post with the captain’s approval.

The company has not said if Kendrick is still employed.

The damaged vessel is being repaired at Superior Shipyards in Louisiana, according to the company.

The company said cruises are expected to resume Friday.