Thief targets Crosby family dog, vehicle during attack

CROSBY, Texas – Although there is plenty of damage done to the family's car, it hardly compares to the pain a Crosby family is now feeling for their family dog.

"She hasn't been able to walk or eat since that morning," the family said.

Still too afraid to share their identity, the family said someone broke onto their property late Monday night and siphoned gas out from their truck before badly damaging it.

"We are having a rough time because we don't even know how we're going to make up that money to fix it to actually go to work," the family said.

Adding insult to injury though, the family says whoever carried out the crime also targeted the their two German shepherds Blackie and Shadow.

"They could've asked for the gas if that's what they wanted. But they didn't have to hurt the dog," the family said.

They believe Blackie was either hit with something or poisoned.

As the dog now struggles to stay alive, the family is left praying she'll pull through.

"To actually hurt the dog and as you can see, she's actually almost dying, that's just horrible. Unbelievable," the family said.

The family has set up an account to help with the costs. Click here to donate.

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