Student denied access to bathroom by teacher, has accident in class

HOUSTON – A north Houston mother is irate after what was probably the most embarrassing moment of her 10-year-old son's life.

Shaunda Moore recorded the end of the tough day on her cellphone.

"I don't want any other children to go through this like my son has," Moore says.

Moore says her son, Kendrick, returned to HISD's Roderick Paige Elementary School Wednesday after being out sick the day before.

They say when he started feeling the urge to use the restroom, he asked his teacher if he could leave the classroom but twice he was told no.

"I thought I'd hold on a little bit," says Kendrick. "And then I felt like it pushed faster so then I told her. And then she told me no. So then I used the restroom on myself."

Moore says after bringing her son home to give him a bath, she eventually called HISD administrators, went back to the school and requested a meeting with the principal and the teacher, but the teacher refused to show up.

They say the whole incident has made Kendrick afraid to return to school himself.

"I need my son not to be embarrassed when he walks into this school," Moore says. "I need him not to be frightened by his teacher who's that's there to educate him."

"I don't want to go back to her classroom," adds Kendrick.

In a statement emailed to Channel 2, an HISD spokesperson wrote that Roderick Paige Elementary School administrators are aware of the situation, and it is under review. School leadership is working with the student's parents to address the situation.

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