Former Houston teacher pleads guilty to child pornography charges

Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson

HOUSTON – A 51-year-old former Houston teacher pleaded guilty to child pornography charges, authorities said.

Jason Dion Johnson has been convicted of receipt and possession of child pornography.

An investigation was started when the FBI was trying to identify people using peer-to-peer software to traffic child pornography. Johnson was identified as the person linked to a computer that was offering to participate in the distribution of child pornography movies, authorities said.

Johnson's house was searched on May 6.

During the search, investigators found a number of videos and images of young girls being sexually exploited.

Agents also said they found several unmarked VHS tapes that revealed video from what appeared to be a hidden camera in a changing area in a school.

On those tapes, there are young female students who are observed to be entering the camera's field of view and removing their clothes while in the process of changing into a uniform, authorities said.

Johnson was employed as a seventh-grade social studies teacher at Beechnut Academy in Houston at the time of the investigation, although investigators do not believe the footage was taken at the school.

Johnson's sentencing is scheduled for July 6. He faces a minimum of five, and up to 20, years in prison for the receipt of child porn as well as up to 10 years for possession of child porn.

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