New yoga trend involves goats

'Goats are going to nibble on you'


WICHITA, KansasA new fitness trend combining goats and yoga has made its way into a Kansas barn.

"You are going to get dirty. Goats are going to nibble on you," instructor Wendy Hobart explained to the participants during a recent session.

It's all part of a new fitness trend called "goat yoga", where just about anything goes.

"They just run in there, roaming around and pooping and peeing on their mats, you name it," said C-Arrow Stables Owner Barry Cole.

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As yoga participants settle into different poses, dozens of goats wander around the area. Some of the goats snuggled up to people, even attempting to steal kisses from some participants.

"Sometimes yoga feels like a really serious practice and this is just for fun. When you are having troubles in your life, how can you be unhappy and sad when you have goats trying to nibble on you while you're practicing yoga," Hobart said. 

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