Liquor store clerk sustains severe beating during armed robbery

A violent liquor store robbery was caught on camera.

The robbery left a store clerk with over a dozen stitches and thankful to be alive.

"They were beating me down so my face was on the ground, so I can hardly see. But I know they got some kind of weapon," Charlie Lam, a clerk at One Stop Liquor, said.

Charlie Lam is a clerk at One Stop Liquor, which was robbed early last week.

Just as the place was about to close, two men, one of them armed with a rifle, came through the front door.

"I fell, I tried to get away. That put my life pretty dangerous," said Lam.

One of the men jumped the counter, the other caught Lam as he was running away, only to drag him back to the registers.

[WATCH: Violent liquor store robbery caught on surveillance video]

In the terrifying store surveillance video, you can see Lam getting punched nearly a half dozen times.

Even scarier though, one of the suspects grabbed a liquor bottle and repeatedly hit Lam in the head.

"They asked me to open up the cash register drawers, and they took all the money and everything and smashed my phone," explained Lam.

The suspects finally took off with cash and cigarettes.

Not long after the robbery, police caught up with three people.

One of them was arrested for an outstanding warrant. That person had a liqour bottle that was taken from the store. Two others were picked up during a traffic stop with an open container of alcohol inside. The car matched the description of the liquor store robbery.

Investigators are still waiting for lab test results before charging any of suspects in the case.

"I just try to obey what they asked, I was hoping that I could he alive. I'm lucky that I'm alive and talking to you today," said Lam.