Woman claims car was stolen after offering assistance to homeless man

PASADENA, Texas – A single, working mother says her car was stolen out of a Pasadena parking lot and she is desperate to get it back.

The theft happened on Thursday in the 2000 block of Burke Road.

Brittany Blevins believes she knows who took the vehicle; she let a homeless man who hangs out near her apartment complex come in to charge his phone and when he left the car key, which was hanging up on the wall near the front door, was also gone.

A short time later, Blevins realized her car was missing.

"I kind of felt bad for him," Blevins said. "We let him come up here and charge his phone."

Not only does Blevins want her vehicle back, but everything that was inside.

Her 5-year-old son Jordan plays baseball and all his gear was taken along with the car.

It's a 2004 metallic blue BMW, license plate number HBK0882.

Blevins is asking anyone who sees it to call the police.

"I really don't have the money to buy another one," she said. "I really don't."