Teens who met in hospital reunite for prom


Going to the prom is a milestone for high school students everywhere. For two friends who met in the hospital while battling the same condition, it's a celebration of resilience.

Eighteen year old Liddy Anstoetter started planning for prom this year and knew exactly who she wanted to invite; her friend Graham from Connecticut.

Both met each other while recovering from painful surgery.

"Graham and I were both born with a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia," Liddy Anstoetter said.

Both had a condition resulting in shorter limbs and they were there for each other during the difficult days and painful operations.

"They go in, they break your bones and put metal rods in your legs," Anstoetter said.

Through pain and hard times, came a friendship resulting in both families coming together including visits to each others homes and trips to prom.

"She perfectly understands me without a doubt, she probably knows me better than I know me," Graham Rider said.

Liddy's mom Jennifer says she loves seeing the smiles on such a big day for a high school student.

"They have a unique bond that we don't even understand because they go through things that we don't get," Jennifer Peters said. "we try to help and support as parents, but their connection is really tight."

After going through a medical journey with each other, they can now look forward to prom together.

"It's just so cool to say I have a friend from Connecticut. I went to his prom last year, he's going to my prom this year," Anstoetter said. 

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