Texas Hyperloop could cut travel time from Houston to Dallas

(Hyperloop One)

HOUSTON – A space-age transportation system could soon zip passengers and cargo from Dallas to Houston in less than an hour.

Hyperloop One, a startup company in Los Angeles, proposes using a system of vacuum-sealed tubes that will create a low-pressure system to allow trains, or "pods," to move at high speeds with little resistance inside from air pressure.

The company, which plans a public trial of the system this summer, is now considering 11 routes in the U.S. for further development, one of them the Dallas-Austin-San Antonio-Houston route.

If the system is built, it would take less than an hour to travel from Dallas to Houston. Normal travel time between the cities usually takes about four hours by car.

The 640-mile system would run along I-35 and I-10, connecting all the major cities in the Lone Star State.

Trip durations, according to Hyperloop One:

  • Dallas to Austin in 20 minutes
  • Austin to San Antonio in 8.4 minutes
  • San Antonio to Houston in 20 minutes

Hyperloop One will announce three winners in 2018.

The Texas team was created by engineering firm AECOM and led by Steven Duong, an AECOM urban designer.