Snakes on a leash: Man fined after pet snakes roam South Dakota public park

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A man in South Dakota was given a fine for not having his snakes on a leash while at a Sioux Falls public park.

Jerry Kimball has nine pet snakes and he loves to show them off.

This past weekend, Kimball drew a large crowd when he allowed his pets to slither around Falls Park.

The creatures caught the attention of a Sioux Falls Animal Control officer.

Kimball was cited for his animals "running at large."

The ordinance left him a little confused.

"(They said) technically you have to have your snakes on a leash,” Kimball said. “I said, 'Sir they don't make such an item.'"

"As a pet owner you can't take your dog to the park and let it run around without a leash on,” Animal Control Supervisor Julie Dejong said. “Same thing holds for any other type of animal you take to the park. You have to have it restrained in some way.