Mother, 4-month-old son nearly hit after car slams into home in NE Harris County

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A mother  and her 4-month-old were nearly hit after a car crashed through the dining room wall of a home in northeast Harris County, the family said.

Christina Mooney said she had just taken her son out of a swing and was sitting on the couch with him. Her two other children, ages 2 and 12, were sitting at a table, she said.

Mooney said she heard screeching tires and thought the car went into a ditch just before it crashed into her house on Hollow Pines Near Wallisville.

Just before hitting the house, the driver hit a woman in another car, Mooney said. As they were exchanging information the driver took off and ended up in the side of Mooney's house, she said.

Police arrested the driver, Mooney said.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Mooney and her husband moved to the area four years ago. They have four children and no other family in the area, she said.

With no insurance, she said she is concerned how they will repair the damage to their home.

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