'Back the blue:' Rep. Ted Poe pays tribute to Deputy Constable Clint Greenwood


HOUSTON – U.S. Rep. Ted Poe paid tribute to the life of Precinct 3 Assistant Chief Clint Greenwood, who was gunned down and killed Monday morning near the Harris County government building in Baytown.

Poe began his speech with details of how Greenwood prepared for his day, not expecting the unexpected.

“Mr. Speaker, early this morning, Precinct 3 Assistant Chief Clint Greenwood put on his uniform, secured his badge over his heart and he headed off to work,” Poe said.

He described Greenwood as a Texas lawman who dedicated the last 30 years of his life to protecting and serving the community and helping to prosecute the criminals.

"Chief Greenwood dedicated 30 years of his life to the law. I knew Clint when I worked as a judge in Houston, Texas,” Poe said. “He was a prosecutor. He was a defense lawyer. He worked for the sheriff’s department, and now more recently as a member of the constable’s office. He was of strong character and a proud Texas lawman.”

He promised the public that law enforcement will do everything in its power to find and prosecute Greenwood’s killer. Poe also asked the public to keep Greenwood's family in their prayers.

“Texas prays for Chief Greenwood’s family and the Harris County, Texas, constable’s office. Our men and women who wear the badge are the best we have,” he said. “They protect and serve our communities. Chief Greenwood’s life may be gone, but his memory serves as a reminder of all those who give their lives for the thin blue line. Back the blue, Mr. Speaker. Back the blue. And that is just the way it is.”

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