Ashes of 3 people float to Tiki Island fisherman

GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas – He's an avid fisher, but this is one thing Joe Morgan never thought he'd find in his net in Tiki Island.

"Well Iveria Caldwell floated up first and then, right after that, Heilana Victoria Hernandez's box floated up," Joe Morgan said.

Out in the blue water, below the sunny sky, three souls were let go in a sacred send-off to another life.

"Obviously it was some sort of ceremony that someone had," Morgan said.

Ashes from each of those people packed tightly into small wooden boxes. But it's that way in which they were wrapped that's allowed them to resurface.

"I guess they thought they would sink, but they floated," Morgan said.

And they stuck together.

"That's the odd part, three of them together," Morgan said.

They floated, one behind the other, right up to Morgan's dock, each containing ashes and roses.

"What was odd is the flowers didn't look like they decayed that much, so I thought, 'Wow, this is a recent event.'"

It's apparently a peculiar, but common find.

Rusty Carnes with Carnes Funeral Home says they often get calls of departed ashes resurrecting.

"If you're going to throw an urn in the water, that urn is going to end up on a beach. We get them all the time when people do that," Carnes said.

Carnes says the proper way is to take the ashes out and scatter them.

But as for now, those three souls are sitting on Morgan's dock.

"I don't know what to do with them actually. It's kind of a first for me," Morgan said.

If you know who these ashes belong to, email jbludau@kprc.com. Morgan says he would like to give them another proper goodbye.