3 gunmen caught on camera rampaging through Pearland home

PEARLAND, Texas – Three men rampaged through a Pearland home Saturday evening with guns drawn, apparently looking for someone.

"I mean they're going around with the guns drawn, just looking for somebody to shoot, that's what it looks like to me," homeowner Viet Vo, 35, said.

Fortunately for the family, Vo, his wife Kathy and their three young children were not at home at the time of the home invasion.

Surveillance video shows the perpetrators kicking open the back door. Then seconds later the three armed men search every room of the home, looking for something, but taking nothing.

Vo said the Pearland police told him this was some kind of preplanned setup.

“They told me they don't think it was a normal robbery. They think it's a setup,” Vo said.

When Vo was asked by KPRC2 did he think they were out to kill someone he responded, "Yes, yeah probably,” he said.

Surveillance pictures of the three men were released after being captured scouring their way through the entire home.

Officials said they eventually left and drove off in a white Ford.

Police are investigating the incident and are asking for the public’s help identifying the three gunmen.

“Just turn them in, please, (because) they are still out there, out there walking the streets, so they could do this to another person right now," Vo said.