Thunderstorm leaves minor damage across Houston-area

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – The skies opened up and socked Montgomery County with 3 1/2 inches of rain in just 12 hours.

In one neighborhood, homeowners captured video of pea-sized hail hitting their homes.

Farther out in Columbus, a popular ice cream stop called the Dairy Cone was slammed by winds so powerful the aluminum canopy was torn right off the building.

Two people, a father from Katy and his daughter, were sitting underneath that canopy and both suffered head injuries. 

The father required several stitches to close his head wound, but both are expected to be fine.

As for the owner of the Dairy Cone, he says that kind of storm damage really shakes you up. 

"This hurts today. This really hurts," the owner said. "I've had half the community come by today. It's kind of a death, but we are going to be back."