3 shot, 1 student killed near Prairie View A&M University

PRAIRIE VIEW, Texas – Homicide detectives are investigating a large college party that they say led to a deadly shooting in Prairie View early Saturday morning.

According to the Waller County Sheriff's Office, multiple agencies, including Prairie View police, Prairie View A&M police, the Texas Rangers, along with deputies, responded to reports of a shooting at a residence near Dooley and Bledsoe streets.

Police said anywhere from 75-100 students were having a party a couple of blocks away from the university. Prairie View Mayor David Allen said police were called before to the area to break up the party. After officers left, approximately 15-20 shots were fired as people scattered, police said.. 

Three men, as well as a nearby building and car, were all hit with gunfire, police said. One of the men died, and according Allen, the man was a student at Prairie View A&M.

"These type of phone calls, parents shouldn't get them," Allen said. "That's the part that hurts the most."

Juan Avendano is a student at the college. He said he was at home at the time when he heard the shots.
"I feel like sometimes, some things like these happen when there are people that don't really attend the university," Avendano said.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what led up to the shooting.

"It's hard with (people at) a young age to get people to come forward, but we're hoping and praying that people will step up," said Glenn Smith, the Waller County sheriff. "Let's finish this and let's do right for what's happened here and find out what's going on."

We will update you with information when we receive it.​​