Amazon announces plans to build 1 million square foot facility in Katy

WALLER COUNTY, Texas – It's being hailed as the biggest economic development project that Waller County has ever done and is expected to have an impact throughout the Houston area.

On Wednesday, online retailer Amazon announced it will build a one million square foot facility in Katy on I-10 near Woods Road.

That area is quickly becoming an industrial corridor on the west side of town.

It's a location that already is the headquarters for major companies like Rooms To Go and Goya Foods.

"We are seeking really good, positive community partners to be a part of Waller County," says County Judge Trey Duhon. "To provide jobs to help us expand our tax base and really to provide opportunities for the citizens."

Amazon has agreed to provide 1,000 jobs and a 20-year stay at the location. The facility will be a fulfillment center where workers will pick, pack and ship larger-sized customer items such as music equipment, sports gear and electronics.

The news was met with positive reaction from the people who live in Waller County.

"People need jobs. People need money," says Noe Galindo. "People need to make a living, so I get it."

"We have new neighborhoods and things that are coming up here in Brookshire," adds resident Angel Campos. "So that'll bring jobs for people who are trying to move this way."

In addition to adding a thousand jobs Waller County leaders say the new facility will pump an estimated $200 million into the economy over the 20-year agreement.

"For Waller County, it's gigantic. It's huge," says Judge Duhon. "It's Amazon proportions, there's no doubt about it."

The facility will be built in the Katy section of Waller County. No time frame for construction has been revealed at this time.

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