Racist graffiti discovered on Cy Fair ISD school's bathroom walls


HOUSTON – A senior at Langham Creek High School snapped two photos inside the boys' bathroom last week showing derogatory and racist graffiti written on a wall.

Both drawings used the “N” word but there was another part of the drawing not visible in the photos that was even more upsetting, said the student, who asked to remain anonymous.

“It was a black person hanging, being lynched in a tree with someone in the KKK right next to them,” he told KPRC.

The student's mother also spoke to Channel 2.

“I was disgusted, very disgusted,” she said.

The student reported the graffiti to the assistant principal.

In a statement, Cy-Fair ISD said:

“It is unfortunate that a few students made the poor decision of writing profane and derogatory comments inside a restroom stall at one of our campuses. The comments were removed immediately once it was brought to the attention of administrators. Our district, does not condone or tolerate any actions by students who engage in this type of behavior. The actions of these few students do not reflect the outstanding character of our entire student body."

“It’s a really good school,” the student said. “The faculty is great, the administration is great and majority of the students are great but I also know some of the kids have opinions that are not so great.”

“We need to do better about our children,” the student’s mother said. “Even if you feel a certain way, as a parent, we owe it to our kids not to corrupt them.”