Dog found tied to mailbox outside west Houston home

HOUSTON – A pit bull puppy may soon be looking for a new home after a family says someone tied her to their mailbox and left her there.

The surveillance video shows she was a peppy little puppy, excited to be out and about, sprinting back and forth in front of the West Houston home.

The video shows the dog, along with her walker, disappear, but the two come back minutes later. This time, the dog's on a leash.

The person she's with stops at the mailbox, bends down and ties a knot. Then, the person walks away, leaving the pup and all her playfulness behind, tethered to the post.

The puppy tries to follow, but can't. She keeps fighting, but never breaks free.

Francisco Rodriguez says they found young pit bull tied up outside their home.

"Nobody, including the animals, deserves to be treated that way," Rodriguez said.

At first, he says she was scared, even stressed, but she eventually warmed up.

[WATCH: Surveillance video of dog being left at mailbox]



"It was jumping and happy, and its tail was like this," Rodriguez said.

But Rodriguez says once he saw the video, his heart broke.

"Don't leave your friend behind," Rodriguez said.

He says they gave her food and water and tried to help find a new owner. A neighbor came and took the dog Tuesday morning, but BARC stopped by later. Channel 2 was there when the pup was picked up.

Rodriguez says he knows she'll find a better home.

"The poor dog was very scared, scared and starving. She didn't deserve that," Rodriguez said.

BARC says they are launching an investigation into whoever tied the dog up.

The puppy may be available for adoption in a few days.