Harris County neighborhood torn to pieces by severe storms


HOUSTON – In just a matter of seconds, a Harris County neighborhood was torn to pieces overnight. Trees were split in two and a trampoline was wrapped around a park sign.

But the homes were worse.

"It was the roof from the garage that had slammed into the back of the house that we had heard," Kathy Ericksen said.

The Ericksens' roof was literally ripped from their garage and was lying in their backyard Saturday morning.

"Our garage is pretty much gone. The door crashed down on both vehicles," Ericksen said.

The rest of the building is now a pile of wood, but George Ericksen is taking the destruction with a light heart.

"Earlier I felt like I had mashed potatoes for brains, and now I'm like just potatoes for brains," Ericksen said.

But that powerful storm chose more victims -- one of them was just next door.

"I am so amazed that nobody was hurt," Teri Stroub said.

Stroub says those damaging winds came within just a few feet of her.

"I was sitting right there, and that's when I just heard the noise. I looked around, and that's when the whole window was just lifting up. I could see outside, and that's when I just ran," Stroub said.

The entire side of her home was destroyed. Her fence is gone along with her patio furniture and grill.

But she says that's OK.

"No one was hurt and we have a place to live. We'll get a new paint job if nothing else," Stroub said.